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Senior Communication Major at Spring Arbor University

Breaking free from a SINGLE STORY

What an incredible feeling when someone asks you open-ended questions about your life, actively listening, asking follow-up questions and truly seeking to understand you. This is sadly such a rare … Continue reading

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Web Copy Example

The “About” Page for The Great Divide website Hailing from the unassuming college town Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Great Divide formed organically when three ordinary brothers (that’s us – Mitch, … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Press Release Example

222 Main St. Harbor Main, MI 22433 517-220-1200 News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Molly Morgan March 18, 2015 Director of Media Relations 546-765-2026 Ann Arbor band … Continue reading

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Boomers and Stickers

According to author Wendell Berry, America is suffering from placelessness. Many Americans are antsy to leave their hometowns and explore the world, or consistently move from place to place living … Continue reading

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My Philosophy on Personality

Suppose I gave ten different people their own plots of land and building materials and told them to build a house. Those ten houses would all look very different, depending … Continue reading

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Often in the field of communication, the goal is to persuade. It is important to understand how to go about persuading in order to be the most effective. Most of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cognitive Dissonance

I have heard about the idea of cognitive dissonance in many of my psychology and communication classes at SAU. The basic idea is that when people encounter knowledge or an … Continue reading

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