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Senior Communication Major at Spring Arbor University

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The “About” Page for The Great Divide website

Hailing from the unassuming college town Ann Arbor, Michigan, The Great Divide formed organically when three ordinary brothers (that’s us – Mitch, Jacob, and Ryan) started playing music seriously in high school. Just three hooligans playing hooky to audition for shows (kids, don’t try this at home) and writing songs together at ungodly hours of the night.


When we say we started playing music seriously, we don’t mean no-fun-no-games-get-down-to-business. We mean starting to value music for what it really is – art that means something in people’s lives. We view our music as a valuable tool in supporting things that matter, such as AIDS Aware and Give us chances, two fantastic organizations which support vital causes.

Mostly comprised of alternative jams, never lacks surprises and certainly isn’t for everybody. But for those who like to express their joy and pain through creative outlets, not limiting themselves by what others say, we hope you’ll find joy by connecting with us. Be a doll and check out some of our latest work as well as the tour page. Maybe we can meet up when we play in a city near you!

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